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Gowens - UK and Worldwide

Melksham, Wiltshire



Latitude: 51.3704470, Longitude: -2.1376290


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cooper, Amy Elizabeth  Jun 1890Melksham, Wiltshire P1147
2 Francis, Gwen Constance  October 1915Melksham, Wiltshire P1179
3 Gowen, Ann  1842Melksham, Wiltshire P3501
4 Gowen, Ann  Apr 1868Melksham, Wiltshire P3548
5 Gowen, Ann  Apr 1872Melksham, Wiltshire P2171
6 Gowen, Arthur Edmund  22 Mar 1900Melksham, Wiltshire P2203
7 Gowen, Edith Beatrice  Apr 1882Melksham, Wiltshire P2884
8 Gowen, Fanny Maria  Jan 1875Melksham, Wiltshire P3549
9 Gowen, George  Oct 1844Melksham, Wiltshire P3543
10 Gowen, Jane  Jan 1854Melksham, Wiltshire P3545
11 Gowen, John Leslie  28 May 1911Melksham, Wiltshire P3553
12 Gowen, Joseph  Apr 1869Melksham, Wiltshire P1322
13 Gowen, Mary Ann  Jan 1841Melksham, Wiltshire P3536
14 Gowen, Mary Ann  Oct 1858Melksham, Wiltshire P3546
15 Gowen, Mary Ellen  Jan 1863Melksham, Wiltshire P3547
16 Gowen, Reuben  Abt 1865Melksham, Wiltshire P3542
17 Gowen, Simeon  Oct 1856Melksham, Wiltshire P1374
18 Gumm, Joyce Irene E  30 Jan 1920Melksham, Wiltshire P3554
19 Knowles, Phebe  1830Melksham, Wiltshire P1222
20 Smith, Leslie Gavan  10 Jan 1927Melksham, Wiltshire P1145
21 Smith, Stanley Douglas  7 Dec 1925Melksham, Wiltshire P1146


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baggs, Lydia  January 1876Melksham, Wiltshire P3482
2 Chapman, Samuel  October 1883Melksham, Wiltshire P1169
3 Cox, Jane  July 1884Melksham, Wiltshire P1237
4 Drewett, Eliza  13 Jan 1903Melksham, Wiltshire P1227
5 Gibbs, Mary  April 1838Melksham, Wiltshire P1167
6 Gowen, Ann  April 1868Melksham, Wiltshire P3548
7 Gowen, Edith Beatrice  July 1882Melksham, Wiltshire P2884
8 Gowen, Harriet Maltman  January 1913Melksham, Wiltshire P1376
9 Gowen, James  October 1908Melksham, Wiltshire P1334
10 Gowen, Levi  April 1849Melksham, Wiltshire P1332
11 Gowen, Reuben  July 1868Melksham, Wiltshire P3542
12 Gowen, Samuel  April 1899Melksham, Wiltshire P3481
13 Gowen, William  October 1915Melksham, Wiltshire P4380
14 Griffen, Jane  January 1891Melksham, Wiltshire P1344
15 Harford, Mary  April 1885Melksham, Wiltshire P3505
16 Hibberd, George  January 1906Melksham, Wiltshire P1238
17 Knowles, Phebe  1850Melksham, Wiltshire P1222
18 Maltman, Ann  January 1915Melksham, Wiltshire P1369
19 Randall, Thomas  January 1889Melksham, Wiltshire P1345
20 Richman, Almijar  Abt 1878Melksham, Wiltshire P4119
21 Sainsbury, Mary Helen  January 1914Melksham, Wiltshire P1224
22 Slade, Joseph  January 1846Melksham, Wiltshire P1166
23 Smith, Albert Edward  April 1890Melksham, Wiltshire P1824
24 Taylor, Annie Mary Cheriston  July 1911Melksham, Wiltshire P2205


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Cooper, Amy Elizabeth  July 1911Melksham, Wiltshire P1147
2 Cox, Jane  October 1856Melksham, Wiltshire P1237
3 Drewett, Eliza  April 1862Melksham, Wiltshire P1227
4 Drewett, James  April 1860Melksham, Wiltshire P1228
5 Gowen, Agnes  April 1880Melksham, Wiltshire P1158
6 Gowen, Dinah  April 1858Melksham, Wiltshire P3503
7 Gowen, Florence Amy  October 1902Melksham, Wiltshire P1132
8 Gowen, Hannah  July 1851Melksham, Wiltshire P3502
9 Gowen, Harriet Maltman  July 1869Melksham, Wiltshire P1376
10 Gowen, Herbert Fred  July 1911Melksham, Wiltshire P1131
11 Gowen, Mabel Ellen  Dec 1923Melksham, Wiltshire P1133
12 Gowen, Margaret Lilian  April 1903Melksham, Wiltshire P1188
13 Gowen, Reginald Edgar  Jun 1921Melksham, Wiltshire P1195
14 Gowen, Samuel  April 1876Melksham, Wiltshire P3481
15 Gowen, Sarah  January 1879Melksham, Wiltshire P1370
16 Gowen, Simeon  October 1858Melksham, Wiltshire P1320
17 Harford, Dinah Hannah  April 1863Melksham, Wiltshire P3508
18 Hibberd, Isabella  April 1860Melksham, Wiltshire P1235
19 McIsaac, Joseph Mallinson  Jun 1925Melksham, Wiltshire P1548
20 Randall, Thomas  October 1852Melksham, Wiltshire P1345
21 Richman, Almijar  July 1851Melksham, Wiltshire P3507
22 Smith, Albert Edward  July 1869Melksham, Wiltshire P1824
23 Smith, Arthur S  Dec 1923Melksham, Wiltshire P1144
24 Sweetland, Elijah  January 1855Melksham, Wiltshire P1236
25 Weston, Ernest Willie  January 1899Melksham, Wiltshire P1173


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chapman / Gowen  1903Melksham, Wiltshire F304
2 Feltham / Gowen  Sep 1933Melksham, Wiltshire F1129
3 Gowen / Chapman  1900Melksham, Wiltshire F319
4 Gowen / Havell  Mar 1875Melksham, Wiltshire F309
5 Gowen / Heritage  January 1870Melksham, Wiltshire F882
6 Gowen / Stevens  1876Melksham, Wiltshire F308
7 Gowen / Tanner  October 1899Melksham, Wiltshire F372
8 Gowen / Watson  January 1910Melksham, Wiltshire F318
9 Martin / Gowen  1880Melksham, Wiltshire F320
10 Smart / Gowan  Mar 1927Melksham, Wiltshire F1080
11 Stokes / Chapman  Dec 1929Melksham, Wiltshire F668
12 Underwood / Smart  1905Melksham, Wiltshire F414