One Name Study for the Surname Gowen

Gowens - UK and Worldwide

Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England



Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clarke, Clara  Jun 1860Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P463
2 Gowen, Florence Louise  April 1880Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P465
3 Gowen, Sidney  16 Jan 1884Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P464
4 Hayward, Arthur James  July 1887Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P481
5 Smith, Reginald  Abt 1892Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P1820
6 Woodward, Joseph Charles  1877Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P525


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Craddock, Evelyn  4 Dec 1977Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P4287
2 Gowen, Bessie Edith  1936Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P418
3 Gowen, Charles  28 Jan 1897Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P398
4 Gowen, Violet May  Oct 1987Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P467
5 Harvey, Victor William  Mar 1928Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P4108
6 Hayward, James Henry  Sep 1923Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P601
7 Millard, Arthur Edward  Jun 1975Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P2239
8 Millman, Raymond Victor  Mar 1943Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P732
9 Millman, Ruby Winifred  Sep 1983Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P738
10 Parris, Sydney William  17 Jan 1994Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P2
11 Walker, William Henry  Sep 1916Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P695
12 Wilding, Harriet  Mar 1916Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P603
13 Woodward, Joseph Charles  Jun 1916Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P525
14 Workman, Charlotte Sophia  Dec 1931Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P602


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Aston, Bessie Florence May  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P4105
2 Aston, Charles Nelson Walton  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P4104
3 Aston, Charles Nelson Walton  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P4104
4 Clarke, Clara  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P463
5 Gowen, Bessie Edith  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P418
6 Gowen, Hannah  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P681
7 Gowen, Hannah  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P681
8 Gowen, Sidney  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P464
9 Griffiths, Philip James  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P529
10 Harrison, Eliza  1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P704
11 Hayward, Arthur James  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P481
12 Hayward, James Henry  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P601
13 Jones, Sarah Elizabeth  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P416
14 Lawrence, Sarah Ann  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P521
15 Lea, Nellie May  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P617
16 Lea, Nellie May  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P617
17 Payne, James Solomon  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P607
18 Payne, James Solomon  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P607
19 Payne, Laura Jessie  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P5
20 Payne, Laura Jessie  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P5
21 Payne, Rebecca  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P610
22 Payne, Rebecca  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P610
23 Payne, Solomon  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P606
24 Payne, Solomon  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P606
25 Sheppard, William Douglas  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P2639
26 Smart, James George Henry  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P1096
27 Smith, Gladys Mary  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P1819
28 Smith, Gladys Mary  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P1819
29 Smith, Jesse  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P1818
30 Smith, Jesse  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P1818
31 Smith, Reginald  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P1820
32 Smith, Stanley Jesse  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P1816
33 Sutton, Albert Frank  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P544
34 Walker, Francis Algernon  1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P703
35 Walker, William Henry  1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P695
36 Walker, William Henry  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P695
37 Walker, William Henry  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P695
38 Watkins, Mary Jane  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P1817
39 Watkins, Mary Jane  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P1817
40 Wilding, Harriet  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P603
41 Wilding, Harriet  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P603
42 Wilding, Harriet  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P603
43 Woodward, Gladys Eleanor  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P479
44 Woodward, Hephzibah Annie  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P523
45 Woodward, Joseph Charles  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P525
46 Woodward, Kate Elizabeth  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P526
47 Woodward, Kate Elizabeth  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P526
48 Woodward, Sidney Thomas  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P476
49 Woodward, Winifred Lucy  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P480
50 Workman, Charlotte Sophia  02 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England P602